Hysteria: exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement, especially among a group of people; feverishness, hysterics, fit of madness, derangement; formerly regarded as a disease specific to women caused by the uterus.



Silk Paintings

Slow, methodical and ancient

I paint biomorphic abstracts. When I'm working, I imagine the silk on my stretcher is a petri dish wherein I rearrange life on a cellular level, creating new systems for healing. Silk is a strong, archival medium and I love the ancientness of it. There are silk paintings that have been dated back as far as 400 BC. Each work can take months to complete.



Hysteria Room

Fast, new and changing

I’ve been pondering the state of the world and its crazy entropic intensity…. Are we over-stimulated? With all our technology, cell phones, social media, ubiquitous computing, and immediate gratification—everything seems to be getting faster, more intense….going crazy!  The White House was recently redecorated to the tune of 1.75 million dollars. The first family poses for magazine covers, seated on gold gilded furniture, in settings dripping with luxury. It brings to mind another time of excess: Marie Antoinette sitting in Versailles, eating sweets while the commoners starve. Inspiration comes from all sides—my silk paintings, antique Baroque furniture previously owned by an Oahu billionaire, a bout of severe anemia, a friend’s suggestion to title the show Hysteria.

The result: a red, Technicolor womb-room of madness and sensory overload—Hysteria.




Everything in the Hysteria Room originally came from my silk paintings. I took "digital biopsies" of these pieces and "wove" them together in new formations. In the Hysteria Room, you will see elements of the paintings combined and manipulated in different ways: as wallpaper, upholstery, apparel, a rug, fabric for dresses, a lampshade, video for LCDs, touchscreen visuals and metal print studies. The opening reception also included printed chocolates and projection mapped visuals.


...a sacred space to embody and transform the chaotic overstimulation of contemporary culture.

- Cudra Clover, Maui 2018