Cudra Clover's art astonishes. It delights and fascinates, and it insists on interactive engagement.

Generated on computers, painted on silk, transferred to walls, and enhanced by video projections, Cudra's oeuvre blends the biological and the technological in marvelous mash-ups of cells and code. In doing so, the artist highlights the cybernetic reality we all inhabit. It does so with heightened aesthetic insight, inviting viewers to know and accept our machine-dependent world.


Biomorphic Abstract Silk Paintings

A large, light-filled gallery. Columns of silken color line the walls, fragile tapestries arranged like a fabric colonnade. A blue circle explodes into anemone-like profusion. Spiky turquoise spheres hover over cerulean discs. Beaded bands descend through shimmering curtains of intense crimson. Small green ovoids, marked by translucent nuclei, are stacked in molecular pillars. An aquamarine uterus floats through a realm of spiraling genetic strands.


The Red Room

Color, shape, and space intersect in dizzying profusion. From wallpaper to ceiling, chandelier to mirror, and chairs to sconces to mounted deer antlers, kaleidoscopic fragments erupt, flow, and enchant.  Two large framed video screens loop computer-generated "rifts" of the painted images from the white room. An infinity mirror enchants like Sleeping Beauty's.

Cudra Hui 3-17-18-137_high_res_berkowitz.jpg

Video Projection Mapping

Immense biological images are projected on the facade of the museum. The walls become translucent; the structure seems to evaporate. The entire building is enveloped in radiance.



Touch Table Collaborations

Touch Table Collaborations

A table topped with a computer invites viewers to play with the rich, diverse visuals. View

With dresses made from Cudra's Hysteria design, Adaptations Dance Theater dances the Clone's inner artist struggle. Video courtesy of Lorayne Lipps.




Elements from Cudra's silk paintings were expressed as chocolates, upholstery, wallpaper, fabric, metal prints & beyond...


critical acclaim

"Remarkable on so many levels…stunningly beautiful."

- Paul James Brown, Curtain Call

"Cudra's work has achieved a maturity and sophistication that has propelled the artist onto a world-class stage."

- Betty Brown - Art Historian, Critic and Curator